I love to write and produce content. Earlier, I created my first blog in 2007, and at the peak, I used to have three blogs – all in Brazilian Portuguese – with a more segmented niche for each.

This strategy was helpful but also added the burden of maintaining each platform individually. Indeed, I made some ” google top 3″ articles, but life got in the way, and since that was a hobby, I had to shift priorities and eventually discontinued all blogs.

But I always missed this part of me, and after some planning, I decided to start with content creation again, improving from my lessons learned. Specifically, I am writing in English now and on a single blog instead of many.

Soon, here you will discover new ways and strategies to improve your life and well-being, focusing on balancing your physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Also, the idea is to bring you relevant content that helped me in one way or another. You will find posts about productivity, personal finance, life hacking, health, housekeeping, parenthood and anything in between, including suggestions for products I use.

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